Aroma Stone (Electric Fragrancer)




Aroma Stone (Electric Fragrancer)

The Aroma Stone is a superb product which is hugely popular with customers who have children especially. It’s a safe and effective way of burning oils.

We use one of these in our salon – it runs all day, every day and does a brilliant job of vaporising the aromatherapy oils in to the atmosphere. Our salon customers often comment on it. It gently warms to hand-heat essential and fragrant oils. The Aroma-Stone provides a temperature gradient, with the highest temperatures at the centre of the stone and the coolest towards the rim. This allows you to place heavier oils in the centre and lighter ones near the rim. Using the Aroma-Stone is simple. Just plug it in and put a drop of oil onto the stone. It takes a few minutes to heat up and once warm the Aroma Stone can be left running. The stone is easily cleaned, by wiping with a damp cloth. As with conventional burners, the Aroma Stone may be used with water to extend vaporisation times. As the Aroma Stone does get warm, it is recommended that it not be placed on highly polished surfaces. Care must be taken when handling this product when it has been switched on for a while. Visit our Facebook page Dawns Therapies for regular suggestions on blends to use with your Aroma Stone.


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