Greeting Card Plus Faerie Music CD



Paradise Music Cards with CD’s are a gift and a greeting card rolled into one.

This beautifully designed card comes with a matching CD with music from the Paradise Music collection specially selected to match the Faerie theme of this card.

The CD contains the following tracks:

  1. The Faerie Queen – from FaerieLore (LISTEN)
  2. Singer in the Stream -from FaerieLore (LISTEN)
  3. Enchantment of the Elves – from FaerieLore (LISTEN)
  4. Hidden Treasures – from Journey to Atlantis (LISTEN)
  5. Mermaids of Atlantis – from Journey to Atlantis (LISTEN)
  6. The Faerie Ring – from FaerieLore (LISTEN)
  7. Flying (sung by Juliana) – from Earth Angel (LISTEN)

Running time : approximately 38 minutes.



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